Friday, August 19, 2016

The Ant Pile returns!

Greetings once more my fellow Ant-Man fans! I have since returned to The Ant Pile and have decided that know is the time to begin writing this blog again. Much has passed and come out for those true believers who find themselves liking Ant-Man even more as the new content for the Ant-Man in the past few years surely have been wildly exciting and interesting to read and or watch. More comics, a return to Scott Lang from Eric O' Grady in the marvel comicverse and the Ant-Man movie which has famous actor Paul Rudd playing Scott Lang. Much must be explored in the recent additions to the Ant-Man mantle and it all seems interesting!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ant-Man Lives on!

Yes, its true. Ant-Man lives on!

Here is a quick re-cap, Ant-Man is now done with the Thunderbolts. I was pretty sad about this and figured that he was done. But, like trying to stomp on a Ant, he still somehow manages to make it!

So firstly, He is now on the Secret Avengers. He has appeared in issues 1 and 2. And will most appear more in this series.

Secondly, some more movie news on The Ant-Man Film, "On February 9, 2010 Stan Lee, the co-creator of Ant-Man, met with Wright for lunch, and Lee proudly recapped on his Twitter feed with two intriguing tweets: (1) "To make up for my previous grievous error, here's a little item that may have escaped you. Marvel is prepping a movie starring-- Ant Man!" and (2) "I had lunch with the cool, young director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and, as you'd imagine, we had fun discussing the tiny hero."

And then this one, "On February 11, 2010, Edgar Wright told MTV News, "Because that character isn't one of their biggest properties, it’s not like a tentpole deadline. It’s more like me and Kevin Feige saying, 'Let's make a really good script.' We've always agreed on that — 'Lets make a good script that works, that’s all about a great genre film, and that isn’t necessarily relying on anything else."

The future looks good for our Eric O'Grady!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ant-Man News! 3/7/10

Ok, its been awhile, but our good old boy Eric has been doing things lately!

First off, the Thunderbolts! Eric O' Grady has been playing a role in this team for awhile now. Heres a recap of what he has been up to,

In their first mission, Ant-Man and the second Black Widow sneak aboard, Ant-Man hidden in Black Widow's cleavage and take control of Air Force One with the Goblin, Doc Samson, and the new President aboard. He secretly plants a gamma emitter on Doc Samson, causing the doctor to increase in strength and anger, which makes him attack the president.
However, O'Grady began to regret his actions in the Thunderbolts but can't do anything about it, since Osborn would have him killed. Paladin advised that he wait until Osborn inevitably loses his mind and is taken down. Ant-Man later secretly witnesses Paladin Ghost and Headsman turn against Mister X and Scourge when they are ordered to execute Natasha Romanov and Songbird, then erase their teammates memories. He later assists in the capture of Luke Cage by entering his nervous system. However, when his teammates make no effort to extract him, O'Grady helps Cage to escape, later leaving his body while he is eating.

The question now is, what will he do? What do you think?

This is a little bit of trivia for Ant-Man fans but,
Ant-Man (Eric O' Grady) has appeared in
The Irredeemable Ant-Man #1-12
Avengers: The Initiative #8-20
And now, Thunderbolts #128-present

Also, Ant-Man (O'Grady) appears in the Spider-Woman motion comics. In this series, he is voiced by Jeffrey Hedquist.

In Ant-Man Movie news, On February 11, 2010, Edgar Wright told MTV News, "Because that character isn't one of their biggest properties, it’s not like a tentpole deadline. It’s more like me and Kevin Feige saying, 'Let's make a really good script.' We've always agreed on that — 'Lets make a good script that works, that’s all about a great genre film, and that isn’t necessarily relying on anything else."

Good to see Ant-Man still in action! What does the future hold, what will Ant-Man do in Dark Reign and beyond? Will the Ant-Man movie ever get worked on?

All we can do is wait! Stay posted for more news!

So, a little quick catch up and some info on where hes been and currently is!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ant-Man News

For regular readers of Marvel comics or those reading the Thunderbolts, then this is old news.

But for those who might not know, Ant-Man (Eric O' Grady) has been making some recent appearances!

More specifically, he is featured as a member of the Thunderbolts Team in issue 128#.

Here's the cover,

And here is a page in which we see Ant-Man doing what he does best!


Ant-Man has also made an appearance in Thunderbolts issue 133#

And, he seems to have a fancy new costume to go along with the new events of Dark Reign. I wonder if he will keep it?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sorry for my extended time away.

So, i know i haven't posted in a while, and i also know that many of the updates recently on this blog are not Ant-Man Related.

This is for two reasons,

1) I have been very busy with my personal life

2) There really hasn't been any big Ant-Man news.

So, their may not be updates for awhile (Their might be a couple, but those will probably be a bit random about my personal life.)

But fear not, i have not given up, and i am constantly looking for Ant-Man updates!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why i hate Stepmania

Today im going to focus on Stepmania. And I don't intend to differentiate between Stepmania the software, DDR as such, songs, and everything else - all of it is Fair Game.

First, I hate all the delays. The only part of Stepmania I care about is the one playing the songs and checking my steps, everything else is just an extra that should try its best not to get in the way. Stepmania spectacularly fails at it - there are delay screens and delay animations everywhere, some possible to turn off, most not really. I do not need the "CLEARED" screen, I especially do not need the score spin, and then 5 second delay back to the song selection wheel. Just give me the damn score, and get me back to the selection wheel immediately when I press START! PC is not an arcade machine!

Second, slowness. I mean, the non-deliberate delays. Now Stepmania is fast enough with 50 songs like arcade machines, but real installations will have over 9000 songs - what means a few minutes to start the damn thing. What is it doing during the startup, checking for rickrolls?

A minor related annoyance is the menu system. Configuration options are divided into way too many submenus that don't mean anything. You think they do? Now quickly tell me where are the options to speed up the wheel, and turn off all the delays that can be turned off... Yeah, I fail to see the logic behind it too. And while it makes sense to make the dance mat the primary controller, it would be nice if it was possible to use keyboard sometimes too. For the sake of example, let's say I'm looking for a Zelda song I really like but I don't remember the title. Right now I have to sort by title, go to Z(elda), L(egend of Zelda), T(the Legend of Zelda) and probably ten other places! How difficult would it be to add an option of search by keyboard for those times when I'm looking for something in particular? Remember, there are over 9000 songs, it's not an arcade machine!

Oh, and there entire difficulty levels system - I have so many complaints about it! For one, what does it matter to me if a song is an 8-feeter on standard, or 8-feeter on expert? It's an 8-feeter either way, but there's no way to browse all 8-feeters together. (for every possible value of 8 of course)

And I wouldn't really mind if the feet ratings were replaced with something else - foot ratings are sort of reasonably accurate for official releases, but for fan-made ones they can be horribly wrong. I wonder if we could take this 5-difficulty diagram or something like that, measure what player is good at, and convert that to player-specific difficulty ratings... That would be cool, wouldn't it?

Now something about songs - I really hate songs that do stupid tricks with arrows display. The root of the problem is that arrows move along with the beat timer, not along with wall clock time. This causes so many problems like:

•Low bpm songs have extremely densely packed slowly moving arrows, and are hard to read
•High bpm songs have very quickly moving arrows that don't last on the screen very long and provide very little reaction time
•Songs that change bpm a lot, and you don't know when you have to hit the arrows
•Songs that freeze beat timer and unfreeze it by surprise - unless you know when the unfreeze happens you'll miss the arrows.

In all cases you basically need to learn the song's arrows instead of looking at them on screen. These tricks could be fun if used occasionally, but they're overused to the point of being extremely annoying.

But most of all let me dance instead of waiting and I'll be happy enough.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts are not so wicked cool

I got a review copy of Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts by Steve Pugh. I had my hopes up, as I quite enjoy reading cookbook-style books on programming - they are digestible in small pieces, what works great with my Internet-induced attention deficit, and they are mines of useful tidbits of programming knowledge.

Unfortunately Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts didn't do it for me. The subtitle says "Useful scripts that solve difficult problems", but most of the scripts were targeting trivial toy problems instead, like playing rock, paper, scissors with a computer (why would anybody do that), or reimplementing grep... not terribly useful. I'd say maybe 20% of the scripts do something useful that isn't a one-liner.

Now that on its own wouldn't be enough to give the book a bad review - I might have written a few Library-of-Congress-fuls of Ruby scripts already, so basics are obviously boring to me, but there are more beginners around than people like me, so beginner books are very useful to them. But there's a second problem that bothers me a lot - it's not said anywhere but the book is clearly targeted at Windows system administrators. The scripts instead of following Unix conventions like input from STDIN and arguments, output to STDOUT, errors to STDERR and so on, ask for all the input interactively or load it from predefined files, dump errors on STDOUT, and save output to predefined files.

For example here's a script which prints all IP addresses between a starting and ending one. They way it's implemented in the book is:

class IP # Code here is perfectly fineendprint "Input Starting IP Address"start_ip = gets.stripprint "Input Ending IP Address: "end_ip = gets.stripi = ="ips.txt", "w")ofile.puts i.succ! until i == end_ipofile.close

But that's horrible! This script is only useful for anything when manually operated. The entire point of scripts is that they can be building blocks of bigger scripts!

The proper way would be:

class IP # ...endraise "Usage: #{$0} start_ip end_ip" unless ARGV.size == 2start_ip, end_ip = *ARGVi = i.succ! until i == end_ip

That is - input from command line arguments, output to stdandard out. Unlike script in the book, this can be used as a building block for something bigger.

I'd say the book was a great idea, but a wasted opportunity. I'd only recommend it for beginner Windows administrators, for everybody else it's either too basic, or teaches some seriously bad practice